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breaking news. tropical storm on the heels of hurricane earl, another warning, this time for for the texas coast in the gulf of mexico. battle for november. on this labor day it is all about the economy as president obama hits the road to pitch his economic policies and to try to help democrats hold onto their seats in congress. few and copycat attack? for the second time in less than a week, a female assailant throws acid into another woman's face. we'll tell you how she's doing and whether police are concerned there could be more attacks to come "early" this monday morning, labor day, september 6, 2010. good morning, happy labor
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day. hope you're enjoying labor day. it is a beautiful day to have a day off in new york. i'm erica hill. in for maggie, who's on maternity leave. >> i'm harry smith. good morning, everybody. there's a lot going on out there. >> including a little more tropical weather. we just said good buy to earl, hermine could be headed toward texas. we'll take a closer look coming ahead. >> i don't know if you've heard the story, it's been in the papers in new york, about a woman who works at hospice in new york city, and she realizes as a patient is rolled into her ward, it's her estranged father, whom she had not seen in decades. as opposed to reacting like, i can't believe i'm stuck with this guy in my ward, she embraces him, brings her family to meet him. he would have basically died alone. it really is an amazing story. >> it's beautiful.
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first, we begin with politics. president obama heads to wisconsin to unveil a first of initiatives he hopes will jumpstart the economy and give democrats a much needed boost for the midterm elections. bill plante has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the president will unveil a plan to spend more money on the nation's roads, rails and airports and he's doing it in wisconsin, a state which has lost about 35,000 manufacturing jobs since he took office. it's all part of the democrats' attempt to hold off a republican wave at the polls in november. >> from a republican point of view we need to bring checks and balances. tell the american people if we get back in control, we'll check this obama agenda that has no limit. >> reporter: republicans are feeling emboldened after unemployment figures ticked up. president obama says there's no quick fix but on wednesday in
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cleveland he'll announce new incentives to help small business. >> we want to keep this recovery moving stronger and accelerate the job growth that's needed so desperately across the country. >> reporter: a likely proposals step away from spending and focus on tax breaks. they include temporary business tax credits for hiring new workers. temporary employer tax incentives for jobs in clean energy, and making permanent the tax credit for research and development. the administration also plans to roll out additional mortgage help for homeowners. but political analyst jim vandehei says none of this is likely to help the president and democrats come election day. >> there's very little he can do politically and practically because i think people's views are pretty much cooked in about what they think about the economy and the administration. >> reporter: the president will propose today to spend $50 billion to jumpstart a long-term program to improve roads, roy
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railwa railways. this is an effort by the president and democrats to convince voters they're trying to do something about the economy. harry? >> bill plante at the white house this morning, thank you. joining us now is labor of secretary hilda solis. madame secretary, good morning. >> good morning. happy labor day. >> indeed. although a lot of people wish there were more jobs out there. unemployment numbers stuck in the nines, tens of millions of people who have stopped looking for work. any good news on the job front this morning? >> look back eight months and we have actually added about 90,000 private sector jobs each month. when the president took office, remember, we were losing well over 700,000 and 600,000 jobs. i would tell you the course and path we're taking is on target. the president today will talk about infrastructure projects that put construction workers, electricians, welders back to work, and engineers, folks that have been unemployed for a long time.
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that's something that we -- i believe will get bipartisan support on. >> but the problem is, with some of the growth we have seen, has not been in manufacturing jobs but has been in service sector jobs. the people who need the work the most are the people who have the least amount of education. where are these jobs going to come from? >> well of the things we're doing at the department of labor is investing very heavily in education and training, job training. i've actually expended about $720 million alone, $500 million went to training in the green, renewable energy sector, and the other amount, $250 million went into health care careers. health care careers is on the rise. manufacturing jobs is coming back. if you look at the report in the last eight months we've added over 170,000 jobs in manufacturing. and you compare that to the bush administration and their record, for 22 straight months that they were in office, there was no jobs added. >> let's talk about the here and
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now, though. 170,000 manufacturing jobs. are the days of good blue-collar manufacturing jobs dead and gone in this country? >> not at all. when i go out in the field, i actually see a lot of people working in hougsing sectors, in renewable energy. so, you have, for example, a construction worker who's now retro fitting a home with new technology that will allow for the energy consumption to go down. and that energy used to you'lly go back into the system and people can actually lower their consumption bills. i think that's where we need to go here. renewable energy. i think investments in r&d as the president will talk about, infrastructure and tax credits to small businesses because businesses are the engine of growth. not the federal government. incentivizing businesses to make that investment to hire up people and obtain other equipment and products they need. >> hilda solis, secretary of labor, thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it.
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>> thank you, harry. happy labor day. there is growing concern over the state of economy many many americans and it's not good news for the president. a cbs poll shows 48% of americans disapprove of president obama's handling of the economy. joining us is tonya acker and kevin madden, good to have you with us, as always. >> good morning. >> tonya, i'm going to start with you. in some of the latest polls is shows republicans leading by 6%. the president is announcing economic initiatives this week. is that enough this close to elections to really weigh in with americans? >> i think in election terms we still have a good bit of time. i think what's important is for democrats to start to connect the message of these reforms to their larger legacy as being the party that has ushered in every significant piece of domestic policy in the past 100 years.
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there's a story to tell about health care reform, wall street reform. the democrats have allowed themselves to be defined by the opposition. some of these reforms are going to require new regulations. they will require new taxes. but on who? not on people in the most need of help. >> are you saying democrats have become too complacent in the seat of power? >> democrats have become too nervous about what the other side is saying about them and they need to say their own story. when you're dealing with these deficits, some big corporations are going to have to pay more taxes but the other part of the story is if you look at some political maneuvering taking place, the business research tax credit that the president now wants to make permanent will likely be opposed by the gop because they don't want to give him a victory. it's good politics. not good for the country. >> you've heard tanya's part of this. as you see initiatives will be put forth this week, the 6% lead in the polls for republicans, are you looking at all this and
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saying, we're doing something right on my side? >> well, i think a lot of what's happening right now with the environment is what the republicans have done -- i'm sorry, what the democrats have done wrong. tanya said that there's a story out there for democrats to tell. but a lot of the american people aren't buying it right now. i think that the reason the white house is in trouble and the reason the democrats are in trouble is because they've had a very left-leaning agenda with a center right country. they're at odds with what the american people want to see out of washington. they don't want to see spending or deficits. when you look at the two major accomplishments they've had, the $1 trillion spending bill and health care plan, that's at odds out of what they've wanted to see out of washington. they've seen spending and they see spending they feel has suffocated economic growth. >> when you hear talk, though, of the economic initiatives coming this week to be announced, we got a taste from bill plante, is this too little too late from the president and
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the democrats, or does this, perhaps, concern some republicans as we move closer because there is time? >> i think that right now the electorate will render judgment on president obama and his agenda and the democrats and their agenda based on what they've done. the last-minute maneuvers are going to be, i think, accepted by americans as tactics and that they're really not going to be able to make a difference in people's daily lives. i think that's one of the big problems the democrats have had on messages and they're going out and saying, we have a recovery summer. g's going fine at a time where americans are very anxious and angry about the state of the economy. >> we are just about out of time. tanya, you keep telling us every time you hear, they need to get on message. have the democrats got your message and the ones you speak with? >> i think it's really interesting because maybe the one thing kevin and i may agree about is there's a real disconnect between what the party is doing, what the democrats are doing, and what the american people feel they're doing. part of that is because this
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legislative agenda has been so big. there's a lot of criticism that the party hasn't done the cheerleading and done the messages and done the framing of these issues so that people understand what it is they're getting. they need to do a better job of that. >> kevin, i have to bring you back for your last point. we're out of time. i know we'll be talking about this again. always good to have you with us. >>. turning now to the disaster in the gulf. a key piece of evidence that could hold important clues to preventing future oil spills is on its way to being examined by investigators. the question is, how much will it be able to tell them? cbs news correspondent don teague has the story. >> reporter: the deepwater horizon's million pound blowout preventer looked strangely intact as it emerged from mile deep gulf waters. it's the government's now crucial piece of physical evidence. >> we want to know why it did not function the way that it was supposed to. and secondly, we don't want this to happen again. >> reporter: the blowout
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preventer was supposed to slice through the drill pipe in an emergency and seal the bp well. >> it's possible that the well head assembly had two pieces of drill pipe in it rather than a single piece. and the blowout preventer wasn't able to sheer through both pipes. >> reporter: with the 30-hour retrieval of the blowout preventer was complete, admiral thad allen released the following statement -- the damaged blowout preventer is now under the supervision of the deepwater horizon criminal investigation team and fbi, evidence recovery team. with billions of dollars in liabilities and a flood of lawsuits about to be influenced by this key piece of evidence, bp and the oil industry are hopeful they can look to the future. >> knowing we have this bop stack on surface and the investigation moving forward, we'll be better able to get the oil industry back up and moving again. >> reporter: it's now headed to a nasa facility in louisiana, figuring out why the blowout
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preventer failed could take months. don teague, cbs news, dallas. >> well, there's a lot going on, believe it or not, on this labor day. betty nguyen at the news desk. >> good morning. >> good morning. yes, there is a lot going on. tropical storm hermine formed in the gulf of mexico with sustained winds of 40 miles an hour. a tropical storm warning has been issued from south texas from the mouth of rio grande to baffin bay. could strike by tomorrow morning. there's been no comment or explanation yet from craigslist on the sudden removal of the websi website's sex-related adult services section. during the weekend they replaced adult services with a black bar reading "censored." craigslist has been under pressure to curb sex ads with thinly veiled offers of prostitution. in australia a boy is recovering from a bizarre attack
7:14 am
of a sea lion. it happened at a zoo in sydney. as mark phillips reports. >> reporter: for a while it seemed like lexie, the australian sea lion had enough of her gig performing at sydney's zoo. only moments after shaking flippers with 11-year-old jack lister, she attacked him. poor jack ended up in the hospital with stomach and back wounds. but don't blame lexie. it seems it was all a case of mistaken identity. lexie thought jack was a fish. >> the seal sneezed on me. i had fish guts all over me. and i think it smelled the fish and it wanted to eat me. >> reporter: jack's wounds were only superficial. he had been at the zoo with his stepmother as a preback-to-school treat. >> when she said he had had been attacked by a seal, yeah i went into a bit of a panic mode. >> reporter: the zoo has been
7:15 am
promoting their seal encounter attraction, lept to lexie's defense. >> she's been in our care for eight years. she was an orphaned stranded seal from south australia. we hand-raised her. this was completely out of character. >> reporter: still as a precaution, the seal encounter act has been canceled for now. as for jack, he has a word of advice. >> don't get sneezed on by seals. >> reporter: a lesson for us all. mark phillips, cbs news. >> some good advice there. finally, a salute to sonya thomas, on a successful defense of her title world champion buffalo wing eater. surrounded by extra large male challengers, the petite miss thomas downed 181 wings in just 12 minutes yesterday. of course, buffalo, new york, how fitting. that's almost five pounds of wings eaten by a 105-pound champion. i have indigestion just thinking
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about that. here is sean mclaughlin of our phoenix afifiliate. good morning. >> good morning. like betty was talking about our top story, hermine, our eighth tropical storm. this is what it looks like. enhanced satellite. looks unorganized. this is good news. doesn't have a lot of time to get its act together before it makes landfall just southeast of brownsville, texas, overnight tonight through tomorrow. this is a slow mover. this will be a rain soaker for the next 72 hours up through central and southern texas. anywhere from 4 to 10 inches. travel trouble spot today for labor day, look at the central plains, hail, high winds. you could have some problems on the inte
7:17 am
that's your latest weather. now back over to harry and erica. >> thank you. just ahead, a possibly copycat crime. a second woman disfigured after acid is thrown in her face. we sat down with her this weekend. she'll share her incredible story. don't let the tough job market let you down. we'll show you which companies are hiring and how to make sure your resume gets to the top of the pile. just in time for work and school. dr. jennifer ashton is here for advice on how you can get back on that sleep schedule. oeshg, the joys. i had this chronic, deep ache all over --
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a woman in arizona, mother of five, comes home, gets attacked by a woman throwing acid on her. second-degree burns on her face and body. it burned her front door. we'll hear her story. where the jobs are. there are some jobs being created by the private sector. rebecca jarvis will be along this morning giving you some tips on how to find them when "the early show" continues. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by macy's. sometimes getting our kids to eat the way they should
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a bunch much nice folks out on the plaza where we'll get out and get a chance to know as we welcome you back to "the early show." coming up, unemployment is up. believe it or not, there are some employers desperate for workers. we'll tell you who some of them are and how you can get noticed by them. >> that's good news. those lazy, hazy days of summer coming to a screeching halt today. tomorrow, it is back for work. for the kids not already back to school, your number is up. it's time to go. dr. jennifer ashton is here with advice to readjust your schedules so you and the kids are getting enough sleep. first, the latest on what could be a copycat crime. another woman attacked by an acid-throwing female. the second such incident in a week. betty nguyen has the story for us this morning. >> it's just awful. this latest assault took place
7:31 am
in mesa, arizona. the 41-year-old victim, a mother of five, says it simply came out of nowhere. >> reporter: it was early friday afternoon when derri velarde was getting out of her car at home. >> there was a woman walking up, you know, from the backside of my car. she had what i thought was a glass of water in her hand. then she just stopped abruptly and looked at me and just threw it in my face. >> reporter: she was splashed with what they originally thought was water. turns out to be acid. >> it instantly was fire. >> reporter: she was left with severe burns on her neck, face and along her arms. the incident was similar to one that occurred last month in vancouver, washington. >> my heart stopped. i almost passed out. >> reporter: 28-year-old bethany storro was also attacked as she left her car. again, a female stranger throwing acid.
7:32 am
>> it's hatred of the highest degree. >> reporter: writer victoria schofield studies asia where acid attacks are far more. >> the one of the most demeaning forms of punishment you can think of to destroy someone's face. >> reporter: that's why police say it's rare for these kind of assaults to be random acts. >> this type of crime is usually personal in nature. >> reporter: but velarde, who is going through a divorce and recently started a new relationship, says she doesn't know who her attacker is and can only speculate about a motive. >> she wanted to make sure she disfigured me so no one would want me. >> paramedics and police say velarde stopped the burns from getting worse by quickly getting into the shower and rinsing the acid off her body. >> awful story, thanks. joining us is crimeologist casey
7:33 am
jordan. it's so odd to hear of two of these in one week. bethany storro in vancouver, random. do you see a connection between these two? >> the only connection is the bethany storro story was in the news so much that it could have actually been an inspiration to somebody who already held a vendetta, who got the idea from watching television. if they were jealous, thinking of getting back at somebody. maybe the idea hatched in this woman's head that this would be the way to actually get retaliation against the woman in arizona. >> it's interesting that you see women do this to other women because it's not something that's very common in this country, although we have seen it in other parts of the world. famously, sadly, even with afghan girls going to school, they have acid thrown on them, in other areas of southeast asia as well. but that's men. this is women. >> right. international cultures it's usually a way of controlling
7:34 am
women. it's a way of men exerting control and putting women in their place by harming their beauty. that same concept of harming someone's beauty can be used by other women who are very jealous, upset. they understand in america's culture, a woman's facial beauty is really huge in our culture. so get back at somebody, to teach her a lesson, one woman to another, it's usually linked to jealouscy or retaliation, usually over a man or a previous relationship. >> both of the women are very pretty. do you think that came into play? >> i do. even though i think the attack in washington was random, the girl there said, hey, pretty girl, she used the word prettiy to describe bethany. even in arizona we think the woman was targeted, we think the fact she's such an attractive woman probably played a role in the choice of attack. >> why acid, though? >> it's easy to obtain.
7:35 am
it's cheap. i mean, as they say, even the smallest child can strike a match. anyone, male, female, can get a caustic substance at a hardware store and actually do incredible damage to somebody with very little effort. >> it's such a scary thought. you mentioned because this other story was in the news so much, there's a chance someone could look at it. is that most often as you see how crimes develop, from this copycat fashion? >> it's not that xon. even though in the united states we've had quite a few acid attacks, very few have made the news. there's a balance between giving enough media attention to this to show the problem it's becoming but also walking away and understanding that they are isolated incidents. you don't want to make it into a snowball factor where people get the idea. >> it is definitely disturbing. good to have you with us.
7:36 am
up next, we all know finding a job is difficult these days. to put it mildly. it is not, however, impossible. good news this morning. we'll tell you which companies are hiring and how you can get noticed. that's when we return. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. i'at quicken mike and michiyo were looking to purchase a larger home to accommodate their family. matt was a star from start to end. he took care of us. he'll take care of you. we always like to follow up with clients and make sure that they know we're tracking their loan for them, and if there's something that makes more sense for them, we can present that as an option. the surprise was that there were no surprises.
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millions of people are out of work or underemployed these days, but there actually are businesses that are hiring. cbs news business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is here to to tell us how to find the jobs and how to make a good impression. good morning. >> good morning, harry. >> there are apparently a number of companies desperate for new
7:40 am
employees. who are they? >> exactly, that's the important question. we have ten companies today to tell you about, from target to aflac, pilot travel center, carmax and dollar general. -a a lot are retailers, some in auto industry. kind red health care, they provide health care services. hyatt, we know the hyatt hotels. h&r block, tax services. and the company whakkenhut, a number of feels and a number of companies hiring right now. >> signs are how the, "help wanted," so how do people go about finding these jobs? >> the important thing is to go the companies themselves. that's first. also, there are a number of websites useful from to careerbbuilder. also, following tweetmyjobs, a very interesting idea. you go in, let this company know where you're looking for jobs. they will tweet, they will send
7:41 am
you text messages when jobs in that particular field open up and they'll send them to you and you can go out and apply for them. >> take initiative to learn new skills. if you're unemployed, you see the jobs opening online and maybe your skills don't quite match up. is there time to take advantage? >> there is. don't give up on yourself. remember, you are the one thing that can change here. the company themselves, they might not be interested in containinging but you can take the initiative, you can learn new skills. it's a wonderful thing to do if you've been sitting out of the work force and you're saying, why am i not getting a job? maybe it's that you just need to redefine yourself and you need to find those new skills. also, you want to think outside the box. this also sort of tacks onto that learning new skills. think about opportunities that might interest you that you haven't been going after, especially if you've been failing in your search. think about things you haven't already been going after. >> is it too late if you've been out of work for a couple of years, for instance? maybe you're onto the, you know, point where you stop looking for work or whatever.
7:42 am
is it too late to reinvent yourselves? quite honestly f you've just been out of work, now is the time to take the initiative to do that, reinvent yourself? >> it is a scary thing to do. it's also a wonderful thing to do. you can really -- i mean, a lot of people who are out of work right now, of course, it is, it's a very difficult time. >> it's daunting. >> it is very -- it's a huge struggle. it's very scary. it's something you can do. if you put your mind to it, it will pay off. >> now, we've had some dos. what are the don'ts. >> the don'ts are maybe a little less obvious. don't send your cut and paste resume out because there's so many people who are, unfortunately, doing that. we hear from employers all the time. we just get too many resumes from people who haven't thought through what the job is. also don't harass the employer. but i do -- want to make this clear because i have a personal opinion on this. you don't want to overharass them but you also want to make sure you get your name out there. so, can you call them and follow up with them. that's not wrong. >> going back to the cut and paste.
7:43 am
this is my resume, i'm throwing -- >> be specific about your search. >> really making sure it's customized to the job opening that's out there. rebecca jarvis, thank you very much. up next, if your regular sleep schedule took a vacation over the summer, we'll help you get back on track for fall. this is "the early show" on cbs. as the towel used to dry them. so why use the same hand towel over and over instead of a clean, fresh one every time? kleenex® brand hand towels. a clean, fresh towel every time. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. ♪ [ female announcer ] nutri-grain -- one good decision... ♪ ...can lead to another. ♪
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7:47 am
what's the most important thing we need to do to try to get things back on track. >> ideally we could have started weeks ago and had a gradual, easy, seamless transition into getting more sleep but we didn't do that if my household. if you are facing your kids going back to school, or even your own work schedule changing now, last-minute crunch, the most important thing you can do now is to expose yourself or your child to early morning sunlight. it is critical important. helps reset our internal clocks and rhythms. if they have those blackout drapes and you thought you were such a good parent to keep your kids' room dark, open them up early -- >> let the sun shine in. >> flip on the lights. it helps. >> as we get to the tips, just exactly how much sleep do people need? >> a lot more than we're getting. most american adults are sleep deprive examined our children are more sleep deprived. we know babies need to sleep a lot. kids need to sleep even more. if you break it down by the
7:48 am
preschool age, they need about 11 to 13 hours of sleep a night. in grade or elementary school is drops a little bit to 10 to 11 hours a night. and middle school and high school, my children's age, nine to ten hours a night. if they don't see it, you can see some significant effects in children. weakened immune system, increased risk of obesity. kids who sleep less than eight hours a night, more likely to eat fattening foods. very important. >> so, as we look at all of the good reasons to get sleep, help us get better sleep, especially if we're dealing with some like jet lag, for example. >> the easiest thing to do if you're jet lagged from a vacation or time zone change is literally unplug yourself at the end of the day. disconnect everything with a switch, a plug, a screen, hours before you need to go to sleep. it can really help calm you down, get you into a bedtime ritual. >> because most americans are sleep deprived, is there a way to catch up? i know we try to on the weekends. >> there is not. people think you can store up
7:49 am
and make up for lost sleep on the weekends. that does not work. if you get about six hours of sleep a night for two weeks, belief it or not, studies have shown that's the same thing as pulling an all-nighter. children and adults, we have to lead by example, get your zs. >> i would love to get six hours a night. >> that's a problem. let's raise a glass to cookies just out of the oven. to the morning bowl of cereal. and to lactaid® milk. easy to digest and with all the calcium and vitamin d of regular milk. [ female announcer ] lactaid®. the original lactose-free milk. get up to 85% off during the summer style and vitamin d of regular milk. clearance event... ...and all drills are on sale. including this dewalt 12v drill for $99. plus save $150 on an lg 32" 1080p lcd tv, only $449.99. sears. and realized i wasn't starving. i actually started losing weight the first week i started weight watchers online. the points tracker is so easy, you can type in anything that you want to eat and it'll tell you exactly what the points value is.
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7:52 am
quite a story here in new york. a woman works in hospice, worked there for years and years. she turns one day and realizes it's her estranged father, who she had not seen in decades. and they have had quite a happy reunion. >> i love this story. >> she'll tell us all about. m. -do you have your lunch? -yes. and you know where your classroom is? uh huh. mom, i can walk from here. what about your... mom, i got it. ♪
7:53 am
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good monday morning on this labor day. i'm erica hill along with harry smith on the plaza. it's labor day so harry is pulling double duty. he's being himself and then he was working on the crowd excitement management. >> you confessed you were having trouble getting it going this morning. >> i am. i'm sorry about that. >> if you do this -- >> it will work? >> right. >> i feel better already. >> i knew it. >> there is now pep in my step. >> they say truth is stranger than fiction and that surely is the case in this story. a nurse here in new york had not even her father in morning 40 years. since she was a baby. until he was admitted to her unit as a patient. i'm going to speak about this amazing twist of fate and the emotional reunion. and you know all those great photos you took this season?
8:01 am
the ones in your camera or on your computer. some great ideas on how to make them coming alive, including a photo frame turning into a moving picture or a greeting card. first, betty nguyen at the news desk with another check of the headlines. good morning. >> good morning to you. 4 u.s. and chinese officials are meeting today in beijing to try to steady economic relations. one chinese official says relations between the two countries are back on track following, quote, some disturbances. some say china's tough trade and currency policies are taking jobs away from americans. the economy will play a big role in the november election. president obama heads to wisconsin today to unveil his latest plans to get the economy back on track. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante has more. good morning, bill. >> good morning. you're right about the economy. labor day finds the president and democrats looking at big losses in november because of
8:02 am
the dismal state of the economy. so, the president will argue that things are getting better just as labor secretary hilda solis told harry earlier in the broadcast. >> well, look back eight months and we have actually added about 90,000 private sector jobs each month. when the president took office we were losing well over 600,000, 700,000 jobs. i will tell you the course and the path we're taking is on target. >> reporter: but that is a tough sell when the unemployment rate has been over 9% for months now. the president will begin to roll out a series of proposals to create more jobs. improvement of infrastructure, roads, railway, he'll ask for $50 million to jumpstart a program. region ens in congress are unlikely to go along with this, but at least it gives the democrats a campaign argument. >> bill plante at the white
8:03 am
house, thank you. hundreds of anti-american protesters gathered this morning in afghanistan's capital. they denounced florida church's plans to burn copies of the koran and shouted death to america. the u.s. embassy in kabul has publicly condemned the koran burning saturday, the an ver anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. taliban says it's responsible for a deadly attack on a pakistani police station. 17 people were killed, including 9 police officers. four children on their way to school were among the victims. in new zealand, demolition crews began wreck being 00 homes and other buildings seriously damaged in the powerful evert quake. the 7.1 quake caused confide spread damage on new. >> he atlanta's south island but no one was killed. it's says joer joran van der
8:04 am
sloot was trying to extort money from nholloway's parents. he's in jail in peru. now to steven slater, the flight attendant famous for his spectacular exit. he's no longer with jetblue. over the weekend jetblue said slater was not an employee but slatered he resigned. he made headlines by sliding down an emergency chute after grabbing two beers. he still faces charges of reckless endangerment. now sean mclaughlin filling in for dave price with another check of the weather. good morning. >> good morning to you, betty. a great labor damon here in the city. a lot of folks back in boston for the jimmy fund walk this sunday. who's having a barbecue today? anyone? anyone? it's labor day. i'll tell you who won't have a
8:05 am
barbecue or reschedule. here comes hermine, our eighth named storm tropical season. what about landfall later tonight? overnight? just southeast of brownsville. they'll pick up anywhere from 4 to 10 inches of rain. through wednesday all the way up to an inch possible as far north as dallas. labor day travel today, your travel trouble spots, up in through the central plains, the dakotas, minnesota, iowa, wisconsin, chicago, take a look, severe weather could be breaking out within the next several hours. leave a little early if you're traveling on i-35 up through minneapolis or over eastbound on the i-80 through chicago and some showers down in southern florida. both coasts, west and east, look
8:06 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by mercedes benz, experience truly great engineering today at your authorized dealer. >> harry, nobody having a barbec barbecue. we have to get appetites revved up here. >> we'll work on that. up next, an emotional father/daughter reunion. more than four decades in the making. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] over a century ago, gottlieb daimler wrote four words that were a promise to himself and to the world. a promise to invent the first automobile... and to keep reinventing it. to build the type of cars that define true "performance"... while never sacrificing their true "beauty."
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♪ [ instrumental: uphey, max. [ announcer ] your dog's one of a kind. and now, you have the power... [ giggling ] to help significantly extend his healthy years. a groundbreaking 14-year study by purina... proves that puppy chow, then dog chow nutrition, fed properly over a lifetime, can help extend his lovable antics... up to 1.8 healthy years. [ barks ] long live your buddy. oh, max! long live your dog. purina puppy chow and purina dog chow. now to a bittersweet reunion between a father and daughter. two weeks ago a nurse at a
8:10 am
hospice here in new york was given a new patient. turns out, it was her father, who she hadden seen in more than 40 years. wanda rodriguez joins us now from cavalry hospital in the bronx. wanda, good morning. >> good morning, harry. >> there you are. it's just another day at work. a new patient comes into your ward. and you hear his name and what did you think? >> well, what i was -- it was august 25, 2010, on a wednesday evening. i was expecting an admission. and the admission arrives ten to 7:00. he passed by the nurse's station. i looked at him. i took a glimpse at him, noticed he wasn't in any distress. ems proceeded and transferred him into the room. then i was by the nurse's station, sitting right by the doctor charting and i overheard the doctor mentioning his name over the phone. he said, victor peraza. the second i heard that name, i
8:11 am
just completely froze. because i knew my father's name. i knew that his name was victor. and the last name i knew because it's been my last name prior to -- it was my maiden name, peraza. i completely froze. quickly looked to the chart to see if i could notice his age. and i said, if this patient happens to be in his 60s, more than likely there's a good chance he could be my dad because my mom married her high school sweetheart. and she's in her 60s. of course, i look at the chart. the age wasn't there. i didn't think to look at the age -- the date of birth, rather. so, i said at this point i just need to go into the patient's room and look at him because my mom told me that i had a great resemblance, my dad and i resembled each other very much. >> ultimately, you figure out that it is, in fact, your
8:12 am
father. and i think one of the most amazing things about this entire story is, your father abandoned your family, yet here you are, and you have basically forgiven him. how -- where is it in your heart that you see this man, who's in your care, you realize he's your father, and you still -- you open your heart to him? >> because that's the type of person i am. it's not in my nature to hold a grudge. i like peace. i like to make people happy. and i can't -- i couldn't imagine my father being one the patients admitted to cavalry hospital and just turning him away. i mean, here i am, i'm here 23 years. i try to provide the best of care to my patients. and who would have ever thought that my dad was going to be one of these patients. >> because as it turns out, without family, he's there almost by himself. he's met you. he's met your children. he's met -- suddenly this man has a richness in terms of
8:13 am
relationships that he may have never had in his entire life. >> exactly. >> is this a blessing for you? >> total blessing. i feel blessed. i feel this was a spiritual gift god gave me and god brought him to me. this was the way it was supposed to happen. it was fate. it couldn't have happened any more perfect than it did. i owe god my life. i feel so -- there's closure. there's closure. >> wow. what a story. what a story. wanda, thank you very, very much for coming on this morning. i think you have provided inspiration for a lot of people all over this country and it's a story a lot of people are sharing. thank you for -- so much for sharing it with us this morning. >> you're welcome. >> okay. take care. now, here's erica. >> thanks. up next, a century after the word was coined and 30 years after the iconic handbook was written, preppy is back. we'll be right back with all the
8:14 am
cable knit cardigan, duck boots thaw need. [ female announcer ] we've got stains, down to a science. new wisk, with our breakthrough stain spectrum technology targets all the major stain groups like proteins, carbohydrates and oils. its enzymes and cleaning agents tackle a full range of stains. you'll never look at stains the same way again. for a more powerful clean, try new wisk. fight stains with science. as the towel used to dry them. so why use the same hand towel over and over instead of a clean, fresh one every time? kleenex® brand hand towels.
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a clean, fresh towel every time.
8:16 am
preppy is have where this fall. what exactly does preppy mean today? "early show" style contributor katrina szish is here to help us define it for today, for 2010. good morning. >> good morning. you know, that's right. the all-american preppy aesthetic is back, from boarding schools to bloody marys we're tracing it back to its root. >> reporter: before preppy was stylish it was a way of life. it was coined a century ago to describe student at northeastern prep schools. they shared a look which preppy came to define. no one could escape the branding. not even the family dog. in the 1950s preppy's blue blood
8:17 am
began seeping into society. due in part to america's fascination with preppy's first family, the kennedys, who famously spent summers in high yan nas port. they went to hollywood where grace managed to dress down with sophistication. it wasn't until the '80s, some 30 years later, that is burst into the mainstream. the preppy handbook, a tongue-in-cheek best seller laid it out for the masses. film and fashion quickly followed suit. ♪ pretty in pink >> this is the '80s. >> reporter: clothes were just as memorable as characters in timeless films where princesses and even punks were a little prep. >> is this preppy or what? >> reporter: designer tommy hilfiger got his start selling jeans from his basement. now on his 25th anniversary, the fashion legend outfits preps and hip-hop stars aalike.
8:18 am
a lot of people think of tommy hilfiger and they say it's all-american, preppy. >> i would say that and i would also say cool american classic because it's classic with a bit of a twist. >> reporter: after laying low in the '90s, preppy has once again reinvented itself. this time led by pop stars and gossip girls. >> pop culture has a lot to do with the way we live our lives. music and fashion and art and entertainment. something that you can't really put your finger on, can't really touch but it's something you can sort of live your life by. >> reporter: and tomorrow the updated preppy handbook "true prep" provides guidelines for the new generation. what do you think about preppy makes it a classic? >> i think because it's here today and here tomorrow. it's something that will never really go out of style. >> reporter: an amazing feat when you consider just how far preppy has come. ♪ >> you know, these days anyone
8:19 am
can be prepreppy. from the looks you should rock to the books you should read. >> so much is obviously about the clothes. have you a little prep going on this morning. >> i have the prep inspired look. no prep look is complete without something from ralph lauren. i went shopping in the hamptons. great preppy looks for a lower price point. and tommy hilfiger let me borrow these boots, modified duck boots. >> i grew up in connecticut, ird say, which sort of -- >> you're an automatic prep. >> i kind of am just by default. the duck boot, i have fond memory of the duck boot but they never looked that good. >> this season they do. >> what else is on our must have list this fall? >> you remember the movie "the love story," iconic, that famous season where ali mcgraw is walking to the college campus. it's about the basics
8:20 am
modernized. >> camel coat. >> it's the must have. designers had it all over the runway. from zarra, we paired it with a sweater dress and loafer. >> on the gentlemen we have a layered look which is really preppy. not the argyle and the -- >> right. you can't be preppy without being layered. we have a great blazer and also a great oxford from land's end, argyle is always appropriate. dark denim jeans. the penny loafer is back. all preppy shoes in general, topsiders, the bucks, they're all in. >> let's take a quick look at our second couple to see the other preppy-inspired look. more duck boots. >> yes, we have the duck boots. on cassidy we're going for the ee quis rey equestrian look, from tommy hilfiger, booties in red, these are pricey, straight from the
8:21 am
runway but you can go for the classic duck boot at a classic price point. >> and the fishermen sweater. >> from l.l. bean signature. a j. crew shirt, a popped collar, because that's very important. on the gentlemen, the duck boots one more time. >> i love it. let's take a look at some other things you have here for us, which are really iconic preppy. the nantucket red. >> nantucket reds from murray toggery shop from the new york yacht club and they soft ton a pail pink patina. an alternative to khakis. >> you have to a belt with embroidery. >> the skull is the new peppy iconography. two college students started this. they have dog collars for your black lab. >> yes. or your wallet, your dartmouth, your harvard. have you to bring your bloody marys with you.
8:22 am
>> that's the cocktail of choice. you can drink it any time of day. this is from andy spade. he actually made it for the renaissance hotel chain. you can entertain at a moment's notice. >> i love it. this, i have to say, my aunt sara has always used these, no matter where we went. she swears by them. >> you know, the l.l. bean boat and tote is something that preppy school carry no matter what. they're not into too much accessories but if you have a prep, have you one of these and you must get it monday grogramm >> and they're very reasonable. >> and they last forever. >> the handbooks. >> "true prep" coming out tomorrow. it's just been rereleased, "take ivy" photographs of universities from the 1965. it was a cult classic selling for 1500 bucks. hard to get. for 1500 bucks. hard to get. just rereleased.
8:23 am
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there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that?
8:25 am
8:26 am
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mmmm. maybe later, then. [ female announcer ] new kellogg's fiber plus cereal®. positively delicious.
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8:30 am
don't forget sunday the jimmy fund walk. right? coming up sunday. >> following the boston marat n marathon. no easy task for a great cause. wael welcome back to the "early show." coming up from frames to greeting cards, there are lots of fun new ways to share your digital photos. we have some great new products here to help you show off those summer vacation pictures and get them out of your camera. >> i need that motivation. all of my are stuck in the camera or on the computer. sorry, grandparent, you'll see the new grand kids some day. he used to be favorite 11-year-old movie reviewer. now he's our favorite 12-year-old movie reviewer. lights, camera jackson is back, tackling late summer films and dvds you should see or perhaps not see. >> and a much more mature per speck five. >> i think so. >> now that he's 12 years old. >> i noticed already speaking
8:31 am
with this this morning. one of the country's top grilling experts. elizabeth karmel will show us her special peach and blackberry pie. yummy. >> it's good to have her visit us, but then it's rough to try to get back into my clothes. sean mclaughlin is here with a final check of the weather. how's everybody in phoenix these days? >> doing well. i left 106, so -- >> and look at this day? >> i know. i'm loving the days here in the city. let's talk temperatures on your labor day monday. who's going to have to slather on the sunscreen? the folks out west. take a look. 90 in albuquerque. down in the southern plains, 94 in dallas. look at the sixty up through the northern plains. here's why, a big giant cold front could produce severe weather. strong downpours, pelting hail from des moines, minneapolis all the way east to madison. watch it if you're traveling through chicago. maybe call ahead if you're
8:32 am
trying to fly out tonight to make it back home for work tomorrow. northeast, the summer returns. talking 90s down in through the virginias in through the mid-ohio valley. high pressure keeping things very clear from the remnants of earl. and southern plains, hermine, tropical storm hermine, the eighth named storm of the season is going to be a soaker tonight. overnight landfill. and more rain up through portions of the southern plains. eastward over to new orleans. and today throughout your labor day, we might have to reschedule that barbecue throughout. southeastern and sou
8:33 am
that funky baseline. i'm looking this. back to you. thanks very much. you may be snapping lots of new photos today but chans are many of your new pictures from this past summer are sitting in your digital camera or computer. senior editor david gregg of is here with new photo sharing ideas. good morning. >> good morning, harry. >> you have a whole array of stuff here this morning. >> a bunch of stuff to take the memories out of your -- well, have you cameras, media cards today, you have people taking pictures with their phones -- >> right. somebody downloads them. >> how do you get them out of there and out? there's something familiar to a lot of people. over 100,000 kodak photo kiosks
8:34 am
but people think can you only take your photo card and -- >> you plug it in. >> a new feature you can go online through picasa, facebook account, pull those pictures offline and create photo books using the photo kiosk. another way for the nontechie type person to go online and create different keepsakes. >> how do you make cool books like this? >> there are online photo sharing sites. kodak has their calorgallery. there is snapfish, shutterfly and flickr, but kodak gallery allows you to use smart fiby you go online, and it puts an entire book together for you based on the chronology of the events
8:35 am
during your summer vacation. >> you have to edit ahead of time before you -- >> that's exactly correct. this is from pan digital. the word's first photo digital mail picture frame. this has its own e-mail address. you don't need a wi-fi signal which it receives through at&t which you don't pay a fee for. it holds 6400 pictures. you give people your e-mail address associated with this and anywhere in the world you can e-mail pictures directly to this frame. >> that's cute. >> you have the option of accepting or denying the pictures. the only people that can send pictures are the people whose e-mails you register in this digital picture frame. >> so that way you don't get spam. >> theatat's right. >> this big picture frame called a frame wizard. it takes any photo you've got and animates that photo. let me go to the cooler one. there's one, kind of a beach
8:36 am
scene. let me get the beach scene going on there. there's the ferris wheel. what goes -- there we go. now, if you watch, the water is animated. also the ferris wheel is moving. it animates any picture you've got and you can actually load your pictures into your computer with special software, pick what elements you want to animate, create different backgrounds for it and it brings your pictures to life. >> i want the sound. i want the sound of the ocean. does it do that? >> it has sound, too. you can add an audio track too it. you've seen liquid crystal displays in keychains, and pan digital put them inside photo greeting cards. for ten bucks there are different types of greeting cards. up to 50 pictures you can put in this thing. ten bucks apiece, a great way to share your pictures. >> show how it works. though the gizmo inside. >> there's a usb connecter inside where you actually connect it to -- >> right on the inside there. >> that little connecter right
8:37 am
there. you connect it to your computer to load up to 50 pictures. >> all right. now, finally, this is from seagate, known for their external hard drives. this remote control allows you to take any content on your computer, whether your photos or your videos, whatever the case is, and put them onto your screen of your television. you turn your entire tv into a -- >> a gallery. >> a gallery, if you will. >> of your life. >> and it also has a connection so you can send content from net flix, you youtube, flickr. and it's totally portable. pp anywhere you can take your external hard drive you can turn that tv into a video screen. >> what's the price? >> this is about $130, $120. i shopped around. you can find it close to $100, brand new from seagate. >> david, you always bring cool
8:38 am
stuff. >> don't you love when it all works, too? >> i'm impressed. >> i'm a dollar richer, too, by the way. i'm very excited. >> we set the bar high. >> we do. david gregg, thanks very much. for more photo sharing ideas go to our website, that's erica? >> harry, thanks. from still photos we move on to moving pictures. as the summer blockbuster season wraps up there are new films opening, a few others coming out on dvd. who better to help us weed through them all than our favorite 12-year-old movie reviewer -- >> it's crazy. >> lights, camera, jackson. happy belated birthday. >> thank you. >> it looks a little older. >> thank you. >> we'll take a look -- some movies out in theaters. "hubble" 3d. >> this is an imax movie about the may 2009 trip astronauts took to repair the hubble telescope. it's in 3d at imax.
8:39 am
pictures taken trillions of miles away. and leonardo dicaprio narrates this. >> could this be a good way to sell your kids on science? >> i think so. if your teachers ask you, what movies you watched, you'll get a few extra points for saying "hubble". >> what did this receive on your official kid critic report card? >> it gets a b-plus. >> very nice. >> fantastic. really good movie. >> one to definitely check out. "avatar" 3d at some imax theaters. this is "avatar" with something extra. >> the "avatar" special edition. the biggest movie of all time. i actually didn't really love "avatar" when it came out originally. now they're adding nine minutes of new footage to the already two hours and 40-something minutes. >> not worth it?
8:40 am
>> it's not worth. -t. james cameron is releasing a new dvd, a new special edition dvd in november with more minutes of footage, seven more minutes tacked on. >> i should wait. >> you should if you're a die-hard "avatar" fan. and bonus features on the dvd that won't be in theaters. >> give us official grade. >> a"avatar" gets a "c." wait for the dvd. >> coming out on dvd, you're taking a look for us, first of all, at "prince of persia". >> the sands of time, kate gyllenhaal is a big actor. it's really a combination of a lot of other action movies we've seen "mummy," "pirates of the caribbean," another disney jerry bruckheimer movie but it's not that great. too many closeups, slow-motion scenes.
8:41 am
the only thing i'll remember from this movie is alfred molina's character kissing an ostri ostrich. that's the only thing i'll remember. >> that's quite a review. did i read you almost fell asleep? >> i did. i kept thinking to myself, would walt disney want to put his name on something like this? no! >> what grade are you putting on it. >> the official kid critic report card, gets a "d." skip it. one of the worst action movies of the year. >> hope you don't give a skip it to the next one "iron man". >> big one, started the summer season third biggest movie of the year. i actually like this better than the original. i'll tell you why. it had a lot more action scenes in this movie. although some of them do drag on a little bit, it's very entertaining. i like robert downey jr. and gwyneth paltrow, it's a great movie. >> how high on the report card?
8:42 am
>> "iron man 2" gets a "b," better than the original and definitely worth owning. >> all right. always a wealth of information. great to have you back with us. good luck with the back to school. >> i know, back to school starts in a few days. >> i think being 12 this year will do you well. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by new whisk. fight stains with science. before you fire up the grill on this labor day, pay attention. executive chef elizabeth karmel of hill country barbecue is here how to show us how to make picnic perfect fried chicken and texas beef tenderloins. >> that's right. >> you get to the end of summer and people are out of gas. thafr like, what can we make next? now we have just the answer. >> that's right. that's why i have a little grill. let's go to the grill first. i'll show you. so, this is my texas tenderloins. >> look at these people. they just showed up out of
8:43 am
nowhere. good morning. >> happy labor day. >> now, you have real charcoal. >> real charcoal. a huge piece of beef tenderloin. that's the full beef dender loin. the tenderloin comes from the spine, so it doesn't get very much work. it's the most tender, meltingly delicious buttery piece of meat. >> not a lot of fat. doesn't look like there's a lot of fat in there. >> very lean. it's really fabulous. you can see, i seared it over direct heat. then i moved it to indirect heat. >> so, you banked -- you got it nice and hot. sear it on both sides. bank the kohl's acoals and -- >> right. >> how long? >> a few hours. a smaller piece four to five minutes. >> you use a thermometer? >> or my finger. i have a great a-okay method. >> is that right? >> the touch method. >> this has 20 more minutes. >> i'm thinking 19. very good. >> we'll bet on it, how about
8:44 am
that? >> very good. >> while that finishes cooking, we'll do fried chicken. people think fried chicken is tough, but it's not. i'm going to show you just how easy it is. >> this is the simple way? >> yes. >> you'll start with flour. >> flour, salt, butcher grind pepper, a little cayenne to give it a kick. whisk that together. and, you know, i'm getting ready to open a chicken restaurant. >> i know. i heard about it. fried chicken and pie? >> fried chicken and pie. >> right here in new york city? >> yes, yes, sir. >> that sounds good. >> so, you want to know what the secret to great fried chicken is? >> i'm going to tell you, probably has something to do with this. >> a paper bag. like my grandmother and probably your grandmother did, we'll shake the chicken in the paper bag. we'll put some seasoned flour in here. i've been marinating this in buttermilk, but it has a little
8:45 am
twist. it's a buttermilk brind, so it will be tender and juicy. >> so, i'm going to pop this guy in here. >> just use your hands. now, shake, shake, shake. that's great. >> all right. >> so, let's look at that guy. does he have a lot of flour on him? oh, that's perfect. >> look at that guy, huh? >> yeah. now, in a perfect world you'll let that flour sit for five minutes. >> five minutes. >> just so it absorbs and gives you a great crust. you want to make sure your oil is hot enough to sizzle. >> we did that already. >> right. >> rook at that. oh, how perfect. >> mm. >> you want to make sure it's not only golden brown, but it's cooked all the way through to the bone, right, because that's a big problem. >> because you think, as that turns brown, i've got to get it out of there, but you can't because it takes ait's while for the chicken to cook. >> it does. two tips. if you have a lid, you put the
8:46 am
lid on and that keeps the heat on the inside. as it browns it also cooks. if you don't have a lid, you can take it out when you like the color and you can put it on a rack on a sheet pan and finish it up in the oven. >> that's kind of the guaranteed way. sometimes we do that out on the grill, we'll bake the chicken first and then put it out, or vice versa. that's the way to go. >> nothing worse than biting into a great piece of fried chicken and it's not cooked all the way. >> that's just horrendous, right? >> i know this is cooked all the way. >> you know this is cooked. this looks really, really good. i got a question for you. >> okay. >> and you know, as good as fried chicken is, it's really good the second day, too, right? oh oh, my gosh. >> you can do this in the morning and take it to a picnic later this afternoon. the same thing with the tenderloin we have here. that's actually served room temperature. i smoked it last night. and then i just sliced it this morning. >> what would you serve with
8:47 am
that tenderloin? would you have some kind of -- some sort of chili or -- >> i like to do a horseradish cream if i'm going to be fancy. i like to do a nice salsa. i like to take one of those gorgeous buttermilk biscuits, slice it and put that tender line right inside. and eat it. >> you're scaring everybody. you're scaring everybody and making everybody so happy. now, let me ask another question. you have this beautiful fried chicken. would you ever do that, would you ever deskin it? could you do it without the skin? >> i am so glad you asked. you're not going to believe this. we have two kinds of chicken at hill country chicken. one is this, the classic chicken president the other one we remove the skin and we have this crispy, crunch y savory batter we finish with saltine crackers. >> we've got your tenderloin,
8:48 am
super biscuits. what's the corn salad? >> i love this. this time of year you can use it with fresh corn. you just blister the corn. you either grill it or blister it in a cast iron skillet, mix it with some red peppers and some scallions and a beautiful red wine vinaigrette and it's a nice change from coleslaw and -- >> easy, easy. what's this bad boy right here? >> you need a bite of that. >> i do? >> that is my peach blackberry buy with a streusel topping. >> that's right. yeah, you're jealous, right? serious jealousy out on the plaza this morning. >> if you want to up the ante, a nice big scoop of vanilla ice cream. >> it doesn't even need it. it is not required. it is so good. elizabeth, as always, a pleasure to see you. >> it's so great to be with you. >> and a pleasure to eat your food as well. elizabeth karmel, for these recipes go to our website the
8:49 am we'll be right back.
8:50 am
8:51 am
so, we're back with elizabeth karmel. this is sort of the labor day picnic you wish somebody would bring to your house. >> come on down. i'm happy to feed you. >> let me ask you some more about this pie, because it's peach and blackberry? >> right. >> one of the things we were commenting on is just the notion that it's not so sweet. the sweet comes on the top? >> the fruit. >> it's from the fruit. >> exactly. i want you to taste the fruit. you know, there's a time and place for super sweet, but not in a fruit pie. >> which is dangerous. which means you can eelt more of it because it doesn't get too sweet. >> exactly. >> we have a huge pie program.
8:52 am
>> what kind of -- okay, because we were just talking about this. who's the sgi down in the hill country in texas, the big pie guy? he has pie of the month or whatever -- >> the texas pie company. >> what kind of pies are you going to make? >> we'll have an apple pie with a cheddar lattice crust which is incredible. banana cream pie, bourbon pea con, of course -- >> we'll finish the list. elizabeth, thank you very much. have a great labor day. uz
8:53 am
♪ [ male announcer ] progress. progress for new york city cab drivers, like ossman ali is being able to carry people,
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